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Friday, April 12, 2013

Durian Freeze 榴莲冰

A post in continuation to the previous three consecutive others all within one same chapter - this is one ending the episode on hubby's birthday celebration this year with a sweet note. A dessert and a drink long loved, a promise to try recreating it at home long made. Presenting... the "king of fruits" freeze!

Another big time favorite of his, I have not an exact idea as to when and how he started falling in love with this durian freeze. I have never known the durian freeze myself until we made a trip to Chicago a couple of years back, my first ever trip there. It was then when I was introduced to this restaurant chain by the name of Joy Yee's Noodles in the Chinatown-Downtown. It may be well known for its extensive menu with a range of real attractive food replicas displayed behind all those huge glass panels as you walk pass, but I have always loved it better for its drinks - specifically, the bubble tea drinks. My personal all-time favorite - the papaya milk tea with tapioca!

The durian freeze - it took me a while to accept the fact that such a drink actually exists. I mean, it's DURIANS made into an ice blended drink! lol. But taking a sip, it really isn't bad at all. In fact, it makes pretty good a drink! It is rich and creamy, sweet and tasty, not forgetting the fact that it comes packed naturally with the durian's unique flavor and fragrance. Seriously, whoever so creative that first came out with the idea must have quite a great sense of taste adventure in life!

A fruit with conflicting opinions like none others, the durian is indeed one that you either love or simply dislike. And this durian freeze, it is all the more so. Hubby's #1 choice for a while now, the durian freeze has always been a not-to-be-missed these days whenever we make a trip there to Chicago.

And he's certainly not the only person that I know who really does love this durian freeze. We have another friend who loves this just as much, if not more. Traveling together at times, it has almost been an unspeakable practice that we would usually end our trip there in Chicago with a stop to this place, starting our journey back after with a cup of drink of our choice in hand.

And have you ever been warned of the durian burps? lol. When you have two big fans of durian freeze, each with their cup of favorite drink traveling within the same car, the moment they take their last sips will be the moment when your nightmare is just about to begin! lol. Even with a world-class level of courtesy practiced to shield and protect the innocents, an experience of the aftermath is almost always guaranteed - it's inevitable!

Well... good for them - I will never despise them for just that few belches (although they may at times last the whole journey home) lol.

Back to this homemade version - having very little idea as to what really are the different ingredients to a cup of durian freeze, this set out to be an experiment, done with a little imagination (and my fingers crossed). Well good for me (and the birthday boy too, of course) - it turned out awesome! Naturally flavored with the durian itself, it is sweetened a little further with the use of just the pure coconut water and nothing more. The cooling coconut water balances the rich durian; and of utmost importance - its presence does nothing in altering the unique taste of the KING OF FRUITS.

durian, coconut water and ice cubes made of coconut water

And a real huge plus - this homemade version of durian freeze is real simple and all-natural!

Durian Freeze 榴莲冰 
Makes 2 servings
3/4lb frozen seedless durian
1 cup pure coconut water (frozen into ice cubes)
1/3 cup ice-cold coconut water

In a tall blender, bring in all the ingredients. Blend on high speed for about a minute or two or until it reaches a smooth consistency. Portion out into separate glasses and enjoy!


  1. I am hantu durian so I can't wait to try this out but have to drink it when hubby is at work though. Don't want him to pengsan with the smell of durian :)

    1. Hahahha, you have better make sure that you have enough hours to air the room before he's back!

  2. Yummy, I am craving to have it as it is mouth watering. Seems like my wife have to spend some time in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing it


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