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About Kitchen Chaos

This is a blog that depicts the chronicle of my life - especially my experiences in the kitchen. Born and raised in Malaysia, love and marriage brought me to Michigan, a place I now comfortably calls home. The same elements got me started in a territory totally unfamiliar to me - the kitchen. With little history in the cook’s room, it began with a basic notebook and a pen in hand. Then came the endless experimentation in the kitchen with all the tools (some familiar, other not) and an inexhaustible list of ingredients.

Empty new pages gradually got filled up while the old ones tested against time. Scribbled and overwritten time and again, each page is now wearing out by the day - slowly, but steadily. It is a personal treasure that takes me no time to realize. It has, after all, marked the foundation to my cooking experiences and how they get developed over time.

my precious piece of work, my inspiration

The simple thought of preserving this was the reason that led me to this unimaginable idea to starting this blog. To get it started was hard; little did I know that to keep it going was even harder a task. Maintaining this blog will definitely be the driving force that can keep me going in the kitchen.

Probably a gift addressed to the future me and my family, this is (for now) a reference site that I know will continue to heighten my cooking experiences as they slowly unfold. At the same time, I hope that it sends a message to other kitchen newbies just like me - that with enough time and patience, there will be a time when we can get comfortable with setting foot within the culinary world.

This is a journey with plenty to learn, plenty to experiment and plenty to share.

My heartfelt gratitude to you for dropping by and being a part of this. Please feel free to leave me with any comment or your personal insight. They are always appreciated.


  1. Hello, first time visiting your blog and it is nice knowing a fellow Malaysian here in the US.

    1. Hi ICook4Fun! Small world it sure is! :) I have been a reader of yours long before this blog even exists. So the pleasure is mine to finally getting to know you in person. Thanks for stopping by and checking the blog out!

  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your blogpost and like you, I am also a transplant from malaysia. Born and raised there, I have now lived in the US for 23 years and still miss the great food back home. I browsed through some of the recipes on your site and I am definitely going to give them a try!! FYI...my favorite curry mix is A1- my folks are always mailing those to me!

    1. Hi, Cynthia! Oh, how nice are your parents! It must feel so so great to be getting stuff that you especially like all the way back from Malaysia! :) I can already imagine myself being so excited as I tear that huge box apart to see what's in there hahahahha. Well, thank you for dropping by to say hi. I really appreciate that! :)

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  4. love your blog!!

  5. I’m from the Philippines but lived in England and still do for the past 55 odd years.
    Just tried your recipe and for a quick snack it’s nice and simple.

    I like the idea of sautéed beans “until” cooked to one’s idea of tenderness. Very easy to prepare, which Is a major advantage for me.


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