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Monday, December 10, 2012

Pastrami and Cheese Panini

Panini ever since my first try at it has been my personal favorite casual treat and making it at home is very much like an elegant piece of art created within the very comfort zone of yours. With its great versatility and an endless possibilities to making the many varieties of panini, a little imagination is probably what you need to go a long way making all the discoveries and getting wowed continually by these pressed sandwiches. Hubby was the one who made known to me the charm of pastrami when I first moved here, and a very popular and delectable deli meat it is indeed. Have this rich meat of pastrami sandwiched in between warm toasty breads complete with the warm gooey melted cheese in between, nothing beats a lunch as elegant as this - such a guaranteed hearty lunch! Or brunch! Or don't even set a time - just do it! lol. Adding a little extra touch of hot peppers that I have come to love and so adore from the renowned Potbelly Sandwich Shop, the whole creation is simply so brilliant - from a little spice and a nice kick to a heightened flavor and sensation! 

Pastrami and Cheese Panini
Serves 1 (~570cal a serving)
2 slices honey oat bran
4oz thinly slices smoked pastrami
1 cup pre-washed baby romaine leaves 
a handful mixed brocolli and clover sprouts
1/4 extra large avocado, pitted and thinly sliced  

2 slices tomatoes
2 thinly sliced onion rings
1 slice American cheese
1½ tbsps shredded pepper jack cheese 
1 tbsp hot peppers, olive oil drained off
1 tbsp honey dijon mustard
butter for spreading bread

1. Preheat the panini press. Butter both sides of the bread slices and place them side by side on a work surface. Evenly layer on a slice of bread the baby romaine leaves, onions, tomatoes, pastrami, honey dijon mustard, cheese, avocado, hot peppers and sprouts in that order. Top with the other slice of bread and gently press to pack them up slightly.
2. Carefully lift and transfer it onto a preheated panini grill. Press down gently to let it set and cook until the bread turns crispy and brown with the cheese looking slightly melted. The time needed before the grill marks show may vary. Mine took about 3 to 4 minutes before the panini looked golden brown on the whole.
3. Remove from panini press, secure each half of the sandwich with a toothpick right down the center and slice in half. Sit back and indulge away!

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